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Oxford LLMs 2023 Materials

Explore our comprehensive 2023 lecture and workshop series, featuring materials created by Elena Voita and Ilya Boytsov. Delve into the evolutionary journey of NLP, understand biases and interpretability in LLMs, and learn about alignment from lecture slides and in our upcoming(!) lecture videos. Our workshops cover essential topics such as setting up Google Colab, using Huggingface transformers, topic modeling with BERTopic, fine-tuning pretrained models, parameter-efficient fine-tuning, transformer interpretability, classic NLP with Spacy, prompts and instructions with Llama 2, and detoxifying summarization models with reinforcement learning. Stay tuned for the release of the video recordings!

2023 Lectures

The following lecture materials were and created by Elena Voita.

2023 Workshops

The following workshop materials were designed and implemented by Ilya Boytsov. We will upload the workshop recordings soon!

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